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Consulting and Services

With over 30 years of experience from the ribbon speaker field, Transmission Audio invites you to take advantage of our accumulated knowledge on a consultancy basis. Please see below.


What we do:

TA develops ribbon-based speakers and microphones, true flat panel speakers as well as hybrids. We have taken the ribbon technology to the next level; by implementing a special interface between the ribbon unit and the associated amplifier, we have increased the linearity and the power capabilities far above what has been available. We develop and manufacture ribbon-based speakers under our own brand name in addition to offering consulting services to the audio industry, including but not limited to design of speakers, cabinets and advanced drivers.

Interior design:
We can assist in custom-tailoring dedicated Home Theatre rooms, including, but not limited to speakers and speaker setup for a given environment.

We have built up a considerable network of manufacturers, vendors and sub vendors.


We have assisted the audio industry with consultancy-based projects.

In order to better serve the audio community, we have built up a platform structure that makes it possible to speed up consultation-based projects. We can deliver speaker solutions including complete solutions to third parties in quantities in excess of 5.000 pairs per month.

Supported areas
High end audio, high quality public address, high pressure ultrasonic transmitters, home theatre systems and high power subwoofers.

High End ASP

We are also a High End Application Service provider. This means that quite a few of our developed solutions are offered to our customers whom in turn offer these services to their own customers.  for more info.

Located in the Western hemisphere, we can act as an intercontinental link and help customers establish business contacts worldwide.

Below are some portfolio examples.



Interior design

Below are a few samples of renderings for different customers and clients in order to show how their request for good sound in a public environment can be invisibly integrated. Can you see the speakers?




Speaker Design

Sample designs from our design studio for different clients, amongst them Centara, Cello Film & Music Systems and Red Rose Music, etc.





Design, prototyping and construction

Prototype speakers, designed for Red Rose Music. Model name: R1. You can read a review at:





US actress Kim Catrall showing the first RRM R3 prototype speaker at Steinway Hall




Modular Cabinet Design for an Asian Loudspeaker Manufacturer



Car Audio Ribbon Design For AMEGA




Sample Digital High Output Amplifier For a US Client




Cabinet Design for an Asian Manufacturer

This client wanted a special design where the baffle could be easily replaced for evaluation purposes of different speaker elements. This is how we dealt with his demands.


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