"We must always remember that it is all about music, or rather the faithful reproduction thereof. This is the reason we decided to enhance the ribbon technology. Using our own phaselinear patent-and patent-applied-for Dynamic & Ultra Propulsion-technology(tm), we have managed to set a new standard, be it high-end or PA."


At Transmission Audio we design and manufacture our ribbon systems in-house. All of our ribbons, regardless of application, are true open dipole units. Nothing is encapsulated. The sound wave is free to propagate without any restrictions. The Dynamic Propulsion (TM) and the Ultra Propulsion(TM) technologies are patented.

The Ultra Propulsion technology is an advanced extension of anything else you have heard or seen. It is a transformerless design with a completely new interface technology that increases the ribbons' usability from the highest of the highs to the bottom of the frequency spectrum. None of our ribbons has a resonance frequency within the audible range. Its typically around 10 Hz or lower.


Arguably the most advanced hybrid ribbon-speakers in the world



The demo speakers

It all started with these R3 speakers the Swedish designer Bo Bengtsson made for Red Rose Music. Originally introduced at Steinway Hall in New York during a Stradivarius concert and later nominated runner-up for Stereophile’s “Speaker of the year 2001 award”, these mini-speakers sent good vibrations all over the US. After the cessation of his involvement with RRM, Bo launched his patent-pending ribbon technology that sets a new benchmark for reproduction of sound. Please see Investor Info for more details.

Bo Bengtsson
The Concert that started it
The Stradivari Violins
Kim C. with the speakers

Evolution contra Revolution

Everyone in search of seriously good sound reproduction agrees that selecting audio equipment in general, and loudspeakers in particular, is a complicated affair, not only in regarding cost, but also regarding long-term listening satisfaction. Equally important is good looks. A lot has happened in the loudspeaker development field during the years, but has it really improved prior art?

As we see it, speakers in general have improved in relatively small steps, if at all. Today we see a trend in more and more companies utilizing everything from digital signal processing to exotic enclosures, but (and this is important) have they really improved upon the sound quality as such, or is it simply a matter of the Emperor’s New Clothes? You be the judge.

We have spent years investigating prior art. The result showed us that a lot remained to be done. It is obvious that most of today’s R&D is focused on “conventional wisdom” rather than a fresh approach to what transducer technology is all about. For more info, please click "Our Ribbons"

An intelligent implementation of the loudspeaker technology is way more complicated then putting transducers in a box. At Transmission Audio we design, develop and manufacture all our own, unique ribbon systems in-house. That way we have full control over the process.

R&D is expensive. This is one reason why the competition often chooses to buy from third party vendors. However, real progress is not possible until you decide to deal with all involved parameters in a serious way. Our patented and patent-pending Dynamic Propulsion and Ultra Propulsion technologies utilize True Ribbon Technology in a radically new and revolutionary way. You will not be able to detect the difference before you have had a chance to compare. If you do, you will be stunned, whether you want 150dB @ 0,05% distortion in our large systems (down to 16Hz) or are happy @ 110dB in our smaller systems.


News in brief:

The all important "Black Box" interface...

What you see here is a photograph of the Ultra Propulsion Interface, our best-kept secret to better sound. Part of it is patented, part is not. The reason for this is that we don't want to disclose our strongest competitive tool by making it all available in a patent application. The boxes are hermetically sealed and virtually impossible to take apart. Efforts to investigate the circuitry will immediately disconnect the interface from connected amplifier and ribbons. This is to show our resolve that you are guaranteed a sound quality that only our ribbons and our interface can accomplish.

...gives this phase response

Please note that we said 'combination'. Our Ultra Propulsion interface only works with our own ribbons. How well it works can be seen on the picture above.  This is a square wave signal as it looks after passing through the interface AND the ribbons. The signal is caught by a microphone 1 meter on axis. The signal looks the same anywhere between 87dB to 123 dB. The picture is taken from our M3 Professional speaker. Please observe that there are NO transformers whatsoever involved in the Ultra Propulsion concept.

Introducing die-casted chassis

We have been listening to the PA industry's request for stronger and lighter speaker systems and can now offer all our ribbon systems diecasted in continuous lengths of up to 2 meters, with very high precision.

Flexible inwall speakers

Based on our unique ribbon patents, Transmission Audio can offer a broad range of in-wall speakers for different needs and acoustic environments. Shown here is the in-wall version of our M1 speaker.


Studio Monitors

In response to requests from the recording industry, Transmission Audio has decided to once again offer the market this little studio monitor speaker, formerly known as Centara Studio. It was made particularly with recording studios in mind, and has a very focused field with limited dispersion.

The Centara ribbon

The ribbon system enclosed in Centara Monitor is based upon a former patent by Bo Bengtsson where 4 thin ribbons in parallel give enough surface to create substantial SPL's between 3 kHz and 20kHz.


The new NEO engine ribbon loudspeaker technology:

It will change the reproduction of sound as we know it.

Introducing the Dynamic Propulsion/Ultra Propulsion drive*

*Patents applied for and pending


The First of Its Kind in The World

A new type of ribbon speaker technology addresses and solves the limitations that to date have plagued even the best of existing ribbon speaker designs: poor power capability, non-linear magnetic fields, a limited X-max and a tendency to overemphasize the top end.

The qualities in resolution and speed of the ribbon speaker technology have migrated to a new level, where its superiority over conventional technologies can be fully utilized from the top, all the way down to 200Hz or lower, be it a High-End audio system, an earshattering Home Theater installation or a "deafening" 133+ dB PA system. This technology handles them all and gives a new meaning to the phrase "high definition" - a paradigm shift in audio,  and a new industry standard.

Do you remember the days when the so called ribbon-tweeters were introduced? They were small, they were fragile and prone to break, but oh so liquid and transparent! They were also TRUE ribbons, suspended at their short ends only, highly appreciated by music lovers and audiophiles.
Then came the days of so-called quasi-ribbons, with the ribbon attached at all sides, not freely suspended. They had to be built that way in order to be able to handle the bass frequencies. And we all remember their SPL-related bass reproduction problems.

Please forget anything you have heard regarding ribbons and their so-called shortcomings. The new patented and patent-applied-for technology behind Transmission Audio’s Ultra Propulsion is groundbreaking.

For the first time ever, a true, single ribbon, suspended at its ends only, can reproduce any frequency from the lows to the highs with SPL levels so far unheard of, have a width of anywhere from 9 millimeters to 8 centimeters; i.e., 3 inches, and also have an X-max of 25 mm (1 inch) peak-to-peak. Tomorrow's technology is suitable for anything from Home Theater to Studio and Public Address use.

Licensing rights for these technologies are available and inquiries are welcome. Please see
Investor info for details



Comments from an experienced audiophile:

You will experience the texture and placement of each instrument.  And in one of the rare occurrences in your life, goose bumps will overtake the logic of the amazing technology Transmission Audio has developed, and leave you immersed in pure music."

Unique capabilities including, but not limited, to:

           - True all-metal ribbon design, (no etched coil-on-plastics!)

           - Transformerless design (Ultra Propulsion)

           - Unheard-of ribbon X-max of 16 mm. P-p

           - Enormous power handling and ditto SPL

           - Operates from 30kHz down to the low bass

           - Ribbon performance unaffected by temperature changes


     - Lower distortion than most amps available

     - Perfectly suitable for transparent inwall mount

     - Phase linear within the operating area

     - Lightning-fast acceleration with no ringing

     - Can be ceiling-mounted in lengths up to 400 meters

     - PA versions can take up to 15.000W of input power


Different ribbons for different tasks

The picture to the right shows our different ribbons; - the 0,35" ribbon at extreme left is used for the dipole tweeter in M1/M2. The next is a 1" ribbon used in the M3 utilizing the Ultra Propulsion technology. Following is the 2" version as used in M5 and M6. Finally, we have the copper plated heavy duty 2" version and last the new 3" woofer ribbon, the only one of its kind in the world.


Super Sized NEO - the strongest magnets on the planet

The picture to the right shows a sample of one of the custom-made NEO magnets utilized in Transmission Audio's 1", 2" and 3" ribbon systems. Less than one of these magnets' total mass is what many companies use to drive their 6,5 inch woofers with a cone mass of up to 25 grams.  A 2-meter-long single ribbon line in our speakers sports no less than 72(!) magnets for moving a mass of less than 3 grams. To the best of our knowledge, this is the strongest magnet system made by any commercial manufacturer in the industry (allowing for SPL's of more than 140dB as far as power capability/sensitivity is concerned.)


Extremely rigid chassis - built to last

Transmission Audio's ribbon chassis are built to be able to withstand extremely high mechanical stress. Exposing them to a mechanical force of 1000 lbs (500Kg) anywhere along the chassis causes no harm whatsoever. The 50 cm-long modules, for example, can be stacked up to 8 meters high on top of each other in a PA rig .


The pictures below show results, measured using a microphone 1 meter on axis, giving a good indication of the capacity and response from our 2" Ultra Propulsion ribbon module. Please note that the square wave signal comes from the ribbon membrane, measured 1m on axis, - via the microphone amplifier. This is what we mean by a paradigm shift in audio.

500Hz pulse response
Phase as a function of frequency
1 kHz Square wave

Quote from High Fidelity Magazine after listening to early prototype:

"So how did it sound? It sounded crystal clear with very fine details. Yours truly is really looking forward to listen to the ribbon woofer modules as soon as they are ready."

/Peter Westberg

High Fidelity, Issue #8, 2003


Service Info for the R1 and R3

Transmission Audio offers owners of the Red Rose Music speakers models R3 and R1, designed by Bo Bengtsson, full service on the ribbon elements with 1 year warranty on parts and labor. E-mail us for more info.

"The Dynamic Propulsion(tm) and Ultra Propulsion(tm) technologies will change sound reproduction as we know it."

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