Laboratory Standard Ribbon Transducers

With a magnetic field force of 1Tesla (max 1,9Tesla), these ribbon transducers are laboratory instruments rather than high frequency transducers for audio. Built to order, their main use is in laboratory environments where calibrated measurements are vital. Their frequency response is 0,5dB down at 90kHz. Sensitivity is 104dB/1W/1m. They are valuable tools wherever industrially-related ultrasonic issues are concerned. Impedance: 8 Ohm. The Laboratory Standard Series units can be delivered in any length from 20 inches to 100 inches and are finished in champagne-gold anodized aluminum.


New Ribbon Unit

We are happy to announce the arrival of a new ribbon unit. Transmission Audio QUADRA is an important expansion of our current range of ribbon modules. It will be incorporated into upcoming speakers and also replace the current ribbon module in the M1 speaker. The difference is: 1. diecasted chassis; 2. stronger Neo magnets providing higher sensitivity and an extended top end; 3. diecasted front face plate, available in natural aluminum or black chrome; and 4. a new transformer with even better performance.


New Woofer Unit

The purpose with this woofer is to raise the bar another notch on our M1 speaker. As the ribbon unit in M1 is crossed over at a higher frequency than our taller ribbons, we wanted to take the opportunity to improve the phase response and clarity in the important midrange. This unit with its massive magnet system, highly refined cone structure and super finish showed to be a perfect match. Its extended frequency response makes it blend seemlessly with our new QUADRA ribbon. If extremely high resolution, attention to detail and overall musicality is at the top of your list, this woofer is the answer.


The New M1 i

M1i ("i" for "improved") is the latest incarnation of our current M1 (former RRM R3) speaker.  The i version has the new ribbon and bass units mentioned above, together with an updated crossover network with even higher quality and smaller tolerances.

What makes M1i (like its predecessors) stand out from mainstream speakers is its unique dipole ribbon array:  mounted at the top of the cabinet and freely radiating as a true open dipole, the M1i is liberated from the esonances that plague closed-back HF-drivers. When we say open, we mean it literally: there are no obstructions of any kind in front of or behind the ribbon membranes.

In addition, the ribbons are freely suspended at their short ends only; they are not bonded to any kind of substrate or film. As a result, the resonance frequency of the ribbons is below 20Hz. Pushing the resonance down 5 octaves from the operating area (normal resonance frequency often is around 500-800Hz) does wonders for the fidelity. We believe M1i to be one of - if not the - best truly compact speaker on the market.

M1i is available in several different finishes, including black "Grand Piano", Rosewood, Maple and Cherry.


"Love Over Gold"

Raising the bar once more, we are happy to introduce an industry “first”: Gold anodizing (gilding) of our Ultra Propulsion Ribbons™ that are a part of our exclusive full frequency dipole loudspeaker series “La Scala”. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appearance, the soft gold layers act as an excellent electric conductor as well as a damper of the higher Q value of the aluminium carrier, further reducing the extremely low distortion level. Without the assistance of the best metal specialists, this project wouldn’t have come about. The increased mass introduced by the gold has been more than compensated for by implementing an even stronger NEO engine.


"La Scala" - a full-range true ribbon speaker * 

Transmission Audio introduces a series of flat, 2" thick full-range, full-ribbon dipole speakers in different sizes, utilizing our patented and patent pending Ultra PropulsionTM drive, a technology that deals with the shortcomings that have plagued drivers since the introduction of musical reproduction: phase errors and non-linear loads. (Contrary to popular belief, a ribbon is far from a purely resistive load!) System resonance is an ultra-low 10Hz.

The speakers have the same performance parameters, be it -40 or +75 degrees Celsius, and they can take any humidity up to 99 percent. 5 years' warranty on parts and labor. Shown here is the largest version, measuring 2,2 meters x 95cm. (86" x 37").

It is the only full-range ribbon-only speaker ever built where the ribbons are NOT bonded to any kind of substrate, neither are they attached anywhere except at their short ends. This gives a tremendous advantage over any other design concept! Supporting the multiple 2" wide bass ribbons the same way as the HF ribbons, i.e. exactly in the centre of the magnetic field, gives a control that has to be heard to be believed, especially when it comes to dynamics. This gives a new freedom for the membranes to follow the input signal the way the composer envisioned it.

The speakers are magnetically shielded by the utilization of a perforated ferromagnetic mesh. The outside is then further protected by a perforated non-ferromagnetic, anodized mesh as seen on the photograph to the left. This protects the speaker from damages and means you can place them close to your home theater system.The system is designed as a full-symmetry unit with the HF-ribbons located along the centerline. Frequency response for the largest model is 29Hz -40kHz within 3 dB. Sensitivity: 90dB for 1 Watt in at 1 meter.

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