It started with a vision, continued into a concept and manifested itself into what we would like to think of as a paradigm shift in audio.


There is nothing that can prepare you for the sound of a Transmission Audio loudspeaker.  Unlike any speaker you have heard before, this is a speaker you will not hear.  Rather, it is like opening a window into the past – to the moment the recording was captured.  And very much like magic, the Transmission Audio speakers will reveal that recording – and leave you speechless.  For the first time you will hear every note, from PPPP to FFFF.  You will experience the texture and placement of each instrument.  And in one of the rare occurrences in life, goose bumps will overtake the logic of the amazing technology and leave you immersed in pure music.


Bold statements, to be sure.  But unlike so many audio companies whose mission statement is buried under financial documents, Transmission Audio’s intention is to build the perfect loudspeaker.  It’s not that hard really.  The technology is there.  We just happen to be the people who are passionate about music and film, and are proud to present our products to you for your enjoyment.


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