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Public Address systems


A ribbon-based HQ PA

We have received a lot of regarding the possibility of improving upon today's public address standard. A thorough investigation has told us little has been done in that field. Consequently we have decided to develop a ribbon-based high power/high quality public address system, provided it can give the same audio quality as people are accustomed to from their HQ home equipment.

The project is subject to patent and ongoing patent applications, but we can't resist giving you a hint about what is waiting in the pipeline. Driven by our Dynamic/Ultra Propulsion technology, these modular units can be stacked to any desired height. They will be completely modular and can be assembled on location. A stack of 16 units forms a column 8 meters in height (about 24 feet). Despite that, they will be extremely light. A full 8-meter column will have a net weight of less than 130 Kilo, (i.e. 260 pounds).

1 - Each 8-meter column will be able to produce an SPL of 145 dB @ 15kW input.

2 - They will be climate-proof (rust-proof and dust-proof).

3 - They will have the same performance regardless of temperature within -50 to + 75 degrees Celsius.

4 - They are designed to have a flat frequency response from 500Hz to 25kHz.

5 - Distortion will be less than 0,1% THM at 126dB, 10 meters on axis.

6 - Considering our motto: "In order to be a hit it has to be twice as good at half the price", be ready for a surprise the day it is released.


The HQ PA System

Transmission Audio's PA System

What you see here is Transmission Audio's Modular PA transducers. Available in modules from 2 meters up to 8 meters and utilizing proprietary flat panel woofers, one pair of speakers have a radiating area of up to 32 square METERS.

The line source Ultra PropulsionTM technology assures a distortion less than 0,03% at 133 dB SPL 10 meters on axis, with a frequency response that is flat within plus/minus 3 dB from 20Hz to 25.000Hz.

The PA system is built as thin modules. You stack/add as many as is appropiate for a certain task. As the system is not cintained in any sort of boxlike enclosure, it occupies far less space than conventional PA systems.

The PA systen is dust-proof, weather-proof and can take extreme amounts of abuse. The utilization of linesource technology combined with dipole ribbons VASTLY reduces the risk for tinnitus-related damage, which is a problem with today's PA systems.

The dispersion can be set to suite the need for a certain task, between plus minus 45 degrees of axis to plus minus 90 degrees of axis.

One pair of the largest version can take a total input power of 30.000 Watts.The systems can be custom-built to specification for permanent indoor use. Please contact us for more info. To the best of our knowledge, no other PA system even comes close regarding performance. 


X-former vs Ultra PropulsionTM drive

PA customers have the option of choosing from regular X-former-based drive or the Ultra PropulsionTM drive. The Ultra PropulsionTM sounds considerably better but demands more amplifiers. If a more cost-efficient solution is desirable, the newly developed High Power ribbon transformer is the way to go.

Transformer alternative (option)
Sample indoor ceiling PA system

Ceiling-mounted PA for indoor use

Thanks to the extremely high sound quality, the Dynamic PropulsionTM technology is perfectly suitable for challenging acoustical environments such as railway stations or airports, where the modules can be ceiling-mounted in lengths of up to 400 meters. This can be described simply as "High End" PA for large public spaces.

The system is maintenance-free, climate-proof and has the same frequency-response regardless of temperature within -50 to +75 degrees Celsius.

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