About the Invention

Brief overview

This patented and patent-applied-for technology makes it possible to take the best of the well-known and established ribbon technology and bring it to breathtaking new heights by the implementation of a new type of interface that eliminates the shortcomings of current ribbons. The linearity, speed and phase response set new standards.

Furthermore, by developing 2” and 3” wide ribbons working in what we call Ultra Propulsion™ mode it is now possible to use true ribbons (i.e. ribbons supported at their short ends only) all the way down to the bass frequencies. These speakers and their associated technology can be made totally flat and serve in a multitude of situations, be it a super high-end system or in a studio, theatre, airport, etc.

The speakers you see on our site are just a few examples of what can be achieved.

Using the same technology it has also been possible to develop a full ribbon headphone with performance parameters that are equal to or surpass the best electrostatic headphones at a fraction of the price.

To the best of our knowledge, the performance parameters are unsurpassed by any other technology. The fact that the ribbons have the same sound properties from +75 degrees Celsius to minus 50 degrees Celsius makes them ideal for, as an example,  in-car installations, as well as for other applications.

Ultra PropulsionTM -  so much more than high-end audio!

1- By the implementation of a special amplifier, the ribbons also can work as high quality ribbon microphones. This makes it possible for example to have two-way communication at an airport check-in. The line array prevents people from other check-in lines to get disturbed by the conversation.

2 - By mounting those maintenance-free ribbons into narrow cobalt chrome tubes, the technology can serve as a 3D-capacity earthquake warning system deep into the ground.

3 – A special version can produce ultrasonic levels of up to 158 dB @80kHz for scientific purposes.

4 – Mounted in a specified array, they can also work as “acoustic lasers” to protect, for example, airports and cruise ships etc. from unwanted guests.

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